About Geffrey van der Bos

Welcome to my online soapbox. I am a Dutch Frisian designer based in Germany. I do User Interface and Experience Design for Bitfactory GmbH

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About Geffrey

I started out as that kid that knew Photoshop. Making album covers for local metal bands.

When I hit puberty, I decided it was time to leave that highly saturated market for another highly saturated market: communications. I took up an Intercultural Communications course at the Hanze University.

I looked for an internship during my semester abroad. A software company offered me a spot for User Interface design. My passion for design did not leave me any choice: I accepted.

After the semester abroad, I went home to finish my studies. At the same time, I took the chance of building my own design business. A couple of years later Bitfactory GmbH asked me to come work for them full time. I did, and I still do.

Because of them, I've had the great privilege to design for companies such as Daimler, Sony, Viasto and many more.

Geffrey van der Bos is a cognitive designer with focus on User Interfaces and Front End Development. Currently working in Stuttgart Germany, for Bitfactory GmbH.