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Distractions are a result, not a cause

I've been trying to be more productive. I deleted all social media apps from my phone. But, I'd just find other distractions.

Oliver Burkeman's thesis in Four Thousand Weeks is that we have never really come to terms with our limited life. That it is uncomfortable to think we can't do everything we want.

We feel we deserve all experiences life has to offer. That we should take control of our finite time. And, we wrongly believe being distracted is giving up that control.

He argues our distractions are the result of our efforts to “seek relief from our discomfort of confronting limitation”.

We'd just have to accept that the discomfort is part of the experience. That we will always be reminded of our limits when we commit ourselves to demanding and valuable tasks.

Distraction is just an easier, and less valuable way to use up our finite time.