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Actually read saved-for-later articles with a surprising Pocket, Calibre, and Kindle workflow

Got hundreds of articles saved-for-later and end up never reading them? Yeah. Same here.

However, I now read almost every saved-for-later article with the help of a Pocket and Calibre workflow.

I read most content on a Kindle. So, why not send the articles there too? With a plug-in script for e-book management software Calibre, I can pull the articles from bookmarking service Pocket, convert them, and sent the bundle to my e-reader.

Here's how you'd set it up:

  1. Download and install Calibre.
  2. Register for a Pocket account.
  3. Go to your Amazon account's Content and Devices. (Login to Amazon → 'Manage Your Content and Devices' → 'Your Devices' tab.)
  4. Find your Amazon address. Add it to Calibre. (Calibre's preferences → Sharing books by email → Add email)
  5. In the same screen, setup email sending in Calibre. (Custom SMTP server, GMX, or Hotmail)
  6. Add the email to your Kindle accepted addresses.
  7. Follow the installation instructions of the Pocket+ recipe.

What's left is to install the Pocket browser extension and start adding articles.

I've scheduled the Calibre Pocket+ plugin to send me a collection every Sunday. Calibre needs to be open to do this. Don't forget to enable the 'archive on send' functionality to avoid duplicates.

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