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Daily Notes: A way to keep track of information that is crucial to my role

I overcame the daily information overload I have as Product Manager.

In product management, information comes from everywhere and everyone. So, I needed a way to conveniently log information as it came in. I tried paper based notebooks, but that wasn't it. The 10+ apps I gave a shot didn't do it for me either. Eventually, I found the markdown editor a great fit.

I chose Obsidian because it has a built-in Daily Notes plugin. It also has an internal linking function that is a surprising addition to the workflow.

Because the editor uses locally saved text files, I can do with them whatever I want. I access the files at any device via cloud storage. I back up the markdown files on my Backblaze B2 bucket. Even append new lines to today's note with Alfred for macOS. (More on that in a later post!)

Obsidian works with different 'Vaults' for different uses. And I made one specific to my employer. I filled it up with notes concerning main actors, industry terms, and things like sensors and the companies that manufacture them. I've added technical specs, contact details and descriptions on how it all relates to the product.

During my work day, I jot down bullet-points of what I think is relevant to a generated Daily Note. I include summaries of results from tests, important reminders, outcomes of meetings, links to new documents, and so on. Where possible, I add a wiki link to build a knowledge network.

And that's the surprising thing about linking the notes. It acts as a powerful, personal wiki. Freeing up space in my biological hard-drive.