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On this blog I explore how we can consistently design successful apps.

Keeping Up With Design Trends

Apple is paving the way with new skeuomorphic design. Those tendencies first appeared on the toolkit in Apple’s Notes app.

MacOS their recent version Big Sur caused a big nostalgia trip with reintroducing three-dimensional product icons. And, many people find them ugly.

I have always been a fan of a tactile feel of what we do on screens. Making visual design look ‘closer to the real thing’ helps with that.

That’s why I am considering getting into 3D design. Are we going to see a change to ‘neumorphic’ user interfaces?

How would this website look in with neumorphic touches? Take a look here:

Do You Recognize an Excellent Marketer?

Here are the things I’ve observed that make an admirable marketer.

Skillful marketers have pinpointed a niche. Because, “when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.”

The experts write strategies on the opportunities and bottlenecks in their customer’s journeys.

Marketers understand what resonates with their target audience. And, they are empathic of the needs of the target group. They sell benefits, not features.

Admirable marketers are consistent in their messaging; they’ve written an engaging story that gets repeated.

Great marketers understand they can’t work in silos. They work together with copywriters, designers and user experience researchers.

They always have the answer to the question ‘why’.

5 Easy Steps To Design a Dark Mode for Your Product

Get started designing a dark theme for your digital product.

  1. Inverse the text colour and the background colour.
  2. Take remaining colours and reduce their saturation and brightness by 10% — 30%.
  3. Reduce the brightness and saturation of images. (I use 60% brightness and 70% saturation.)
  4. Increase the contrast of UI elements until compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  5. Make all colours fit together. Use common sense or get a designer’s eye on it.

For my blog, I’ve used the Media Query ‘prefers-color-scheme’ to overwrite my default CSS variables.