Geffrey van der Bos

A communications student. Enthusiastic about new media, sociology, design and the many clichés that follow. Philomath and wannabe polymath. I advise.

I am fascinated by the trade of design and copywriting. I love reading on the subject of interpersonal relationships and sociology.

Gerbners Model
What I can do for you:

Public Relations

Build mutually beneficial relationships between your organization and your publics.

Through extensive audience profiling and research I offer tailored advice to improve any relationship.

Visual Communication

Some say a visual has a greater capacity to inform and persuade an audience.

I agree. That is why I specialized in visual communication. I can create websites, graphics, illustrations and most importantly: a corporate identity.


Communicate value to your customers. Target markets and sell your products and services.

Let us sit together and come up with a campaign, do market research and find patterns to improve your sales.

Social Media

It is amazing how much can be achieved with the new media. Websites, social media and other platforms are great tools to reach your audiences.

With my knowledge of the new media and your service we can expand your horizons.


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